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Intense Ink is a complete marketing company! We provide a wide range of high quality products and services all under one roof! This concept insures that you maximize your marketing efforts with the least disruption to your business.
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  Are you making the right first impression with your potential customers? Your print marketing materials are often the first thing that a lead will see, serving as an introduction to your company. It is important that your company has control over how you present your brand to the world. Choosing the right paper material for your print marketing collateral is an important part of this...

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  Direct Mail Mistake #1.    The standard #9 business reply envelope won’t fit into a 6×9 envelope. Reply envelopes are about the last thing any of us think about when planning a direct mail campaign.  And the standard BRE is a #9 envelope which fits very nicely into a standard #10 envelope. But when you move to a 6×9 envelope, the 9-inch width is too close to the 8-7/8-inch...

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    Think about the last time you needed a product or service that you had not purchased before. Where did you turn to research your options and find local companies? There is a good chance that you may have started on Google or a similar search engine. This is the same journey that your customers take when searching for products and services like those your company...

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We wanted to share with you Lean Methodology ideas our developer  has been helping us at intense Ink implement in various ways across our application development processes. These are a collection of experiences and experiments to highlight the insights he has gained from Lean.  In my experience creating apps, there have been features I’ve made that I’ve fallen in love with, but somehow doesn’t gain traction,...

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Before we begin in earnest, we would like to ask that you read the title of this piece once again. It’s quite something, isn’t it? It’s hard to approach a phrase like that with a healthy, and we mean very healthy dose of skepticism. Trust us, we understand. But give us a moment, and we will be able to explain. If you are a business owner, or you...

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Business men and women who have been there before understand, every time you increase the size of your business one of the major processes that you used to get you there seems to break. It could be your sales process, management structure, distributing network, production capabilities, quality of service, financial model, or customer service. As your need for quality employees rapidly grows, perhaps you find...

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